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Transformation Programs

Transformations Programs are residential outstation events, held in nature wherein people experience the rush of powerful emotions which are channelised, to overcome any unresourceful emotions in their lives or to push them to achieve excellence.

These are highly customized retreats wherein only a limited number of people can join in and personal changework sessions with Disha Varma are conducted for them to bring the specific shift that would result into a desired consequence over the period of time.

Promise of the Transformation Program -->  To elevate your life to the next level of excellence!

These programs are designed in raw nature because spending time in nature stimulates the brain and improves cognitive function. Also, the retreat is loaded with new or different experiences and activities that push people beyond their current comfort bubble and tread them in the direction of new possibilities.

The most important aspect, changework sessions, at a personal level for targeted results in that person's life.

How does this happen?

A preconsultation is done with the members of this program, wherein their challenges will be discussed as to what exactly is stopping them from flying to the next level in their life, in their career, relationships or health.

Then those changes are targeted and made in the retreats through changework sessions and various activities.