Talk to me!

"Oh! I can't join you guys because it's my mom-dad's wedding anniversary. And we have family celebration plans", he announced with somewhat self-imposed enthusiasm. But little did he know he was failing miserably in hiding the pain of his reality behind that chirpy voice and laugh. Saransh was a childhood family friend of mine and I knew all about his parents and their broken marriage who were just forcing themselves to live together. But more than their marriage, Saransh was broken into thousands of peices. Broken relationships do irreparable damages to the children as against the common practice of staying together for the sake of kids. Especially this marriage was beyond repair; it was like a deatheater that was sucking life out of everything that was in the purview of it. He would portray this perfect family picture in front of the world; perhaps deep down he wished that someday his portrayal would become the reality. But reality was far from his dream and he was living in denial. In this process, he had already cut down on his communication with me. He enjoyed company of people who knew nothing about his family and avoided anyone who was anyhow associated. He chose denial over reality and now, is lonely and isolated. Solution? SPEAK. TALK. COMMUNICATE. Talk to a reasonable person that you can find as soon as possible. Suppressing emotions and thoughts actually lead to physical stress in the body (besides all the emotional trauma) and accumulated stress eventually takes shape of most of the diseases. Save yourself and talk. Give up the fear of being judged and just talk. If you can't think of anyone, ping me! Am there for you to share anything that might be bothering you without judging anybody at all. Plus I will give you concrete solution to your challenges too and can pull you out!

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