Murder mundane-ness!

Mundaneness is a crime. And I see people do this to themselves on daily basis. And mundaneness leads to frustration and dissatisfaction that affects your relationships with your family and friends in the long run too and in all possibility your life would just be below average or average at max "But I party or go out with my friends quite often to get out of the mundaneness" someone might exclaim. Well, partying is just a momentary relief. It's temporary! So what's the permanent solution? Engage yourself in learning something new and fun and that you really like, on regular basis. It could be (or not) related to your career. Enroll for singing classes or dancing classes or learn a new language or take theatre workshops etc etc. And let the magic unfold. What majority of people fail to understand is when you let yourself indulge in activities like music or theatre or cooking or others, they might not be related to your career on the onset but they actually equip you with capabilities that make your career and relationships a success. For example, when someone does theatre, that person becomes an expert at expressing emotions and reading them, which will 100% help that person reading people at work or at home and deal with them appropriately in different situations. And a myth that a lot of people fall for is, "you can only learn while you are a teenager or younger." Please don't let anybody (or yourself) tell you that! Gift yourself an hour of magic everyday or every alternate day atleast and then one year later, one day when you'd be chilling with your own thoughts, you'd wonder, "why did I not start earlier? What took me so long?"

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