Is women's day really just about women?

"Do you believe you get equally treated to men at your workplace?" Was the trending question practically every RJ was asking women today morning when I turned on the FM! Well, eh! I am kind of getting tired of these gimmicks of pitting women against men under the garb of equality for better viewership or trps. While I don't deny that there r enough chauvinists in the world but let's not generalise patriarchy. So today especially, am going to count my blessings as a woman. First of all, my mum, who just embraced me for who I am, who just let me be. I remember asking her one day,"Mumma! Do u feel bad that am dark?" And she was shocked and told me,"who told you color matters? You are fair in your spirit and you are talented and smart. And you make us so proud! I wouldn't change a thing about you!" My dad, who is now my mum too! Who is the basis of whatever I have achieved in life. He was there for all my PTAs, all my annual functions, all award ceremonies, when I cried, when I laughed, even now when I arrive from wherever and whenever, he is always there to receive me at the airport or the metro stations or the railway station! Who taught me to respect freedom by setting me free. I have never had time curfews in my life and people find it so hard to digest. My sibling, who is an inspiration to me and continues to be so. Not even once did he do or ask to do anything that wasn't allowed to me just because he is a boy. That's the kind of privileged environment we were raised in! My friends, you know who you are, I don't call you daily, infact I barely call but I know they have got my back and are there for me always. And these close friends are as many males as females. There is a teacher, a mother figure, a confidante, a sleepover friend, a meme nutcase and so many more.... My mentors, one is a male and the other a female, and they help me grow in different aspects in so many different ways. I know I wouldn't have learnt so much if it were only one of them and not both together!! My life would have been grossly incomplete without any of these people and I can't even gender specify them! All these males and females complete my puzzle TOGETHER than individually! That's how men and women are supposed to be in the grand scheme too....TOGETHER, in a team! Oh and those who are not team players, yea they deserve to be called out and thrashed for ruining our eco system. : ) Happy women's day to all men and women!

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