5 reasons why you NEED TO EXPERIENCE 'The Goat Village'

1). Virgin Natural Beauty

Tucked away in the pristine hills of Garhwal, The Goat Village is positioned at a hilltop at an elevation of approximately 2000 meters. A place where you can soak in the spectacular yet untouched natural landscapes.

2). Rural Tourism

Remember the times when there were no television and smartphones but only other humans to interact with? And we talked endlessly under the clear sky as the fresh breeze brushed through our hair and you could hear the children's chuckles as they played all day long? NO, right? I know! Enjoy the old-world charm in The Goat Village with natural resources and related activities to keep you entertained.

3). Digital Detox

Breakfree of your gadgets and experience digital detox as there is no electricity in The Goat Village. It gives you a golden opportunity to ditch your electronic devices such as smartphones or computers and reduce stress. Wow, mere thought of digital detox is quite calming and soothing, ain't it?! I agree with you!

4). Social & Ecological Initiative

"The Goat Village, a bouquet of farm retreats and home stays managed by The Green People, is an initiative having multiple social dimensions. Each cluster of these accommodation locations are engaged in Goat Farming and many other Agro practices to provide a better livelihood to the locals", says Amar Ujala Newspaper.

Just by staying at this destination, you can ensure minimal impact on the environment, maximum positive social spinoff, and a feel-good factor all round.

5). Diverse Experiences

This site is the midpoint for an adventurous, breathtaking trek to Nagtibba. Also, you can try your hands at basic rural farming practices and enjoy assisted cooking of what you plough. Plus, you can explore the Jungles and quiet terrains and the picturesque trails untill you get hungry and find your way back to the superlative garhwali cuisine that is offered here.

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