My Exotic Family BREAKation

4.10 pm

Month of moisty-may

Ca Final Paper 5- Advanced Management Accounting

A teensy drop of sweat trickled down my temple as I read through the question no. 4(c)

“Calculate break-even sales from the following information:

Opening Stock 15,000 units

Previous year’s variable cost per unit Rs 20; 25% increase in current year

Selling price Rs 50 per unit

Fixed Expenses Rs 14,30,000; increase by 10% from previous year

Production capacity 65,000 units.”

I mopped the sweat from my forehead with the back of my hand and started reading the question again, “Calculate BREAK-even sales….” WAIT!

“B-R-E-A-K” yes! Guess I needed one real bad, in fact, all of us appearing for exams needed a real vacation, didn’t we?

That word got stuck in my mind and I felt as if cool breeze was caressing my face.

I got lost in deep thought. It was unfamiliar territory. Break for CA-students—pretty unfamiliar!

30 seconds into my fantasy world of mountains and sparkling rivers, I had to yank myself back to reality – CA FINAL EXAMS!

Like the wise ones say, “Dream until your dreams come true.” I dreamt of a mini-break.. my break-oliday …my break-ation, until one day (immediately after exams), my father surprised me with a holiday package to Leh-Ladakh.

Leh-Ladakh- the land of Lamas! Totally thrilling!

I couldn’t have asked more to quench my thirst for an exotic BREAKation.

Trip to Leh-Ladakh (and then to Srinagar via road) is absolutely unmatched and something YOU ALL MUST DO, for it has almost every kind of landscape you could ever imagine (except beachside). From snow clad peaks to brown/red/green rocky mountains to sand dunes to large lush hills...such diversity!! Also, Leh-Ladakh is culturally, very rich. I went to Leh (with my family) on 25-May and came back on 30-May. We travelled to Leh by air and then from Leh to Srinagar, by road and then from Srinagar to back to Delhi, by air. So, I kind of, had the best of both worlds (air view and the epic road journey!) People are very warm, welcoming and honest. I shall apprise you of my journey via pictures and then you can decide if it's AMAZING or what!

Day 1:

Shanti Stupa, it's located on a hilltop and provides breath-taking panoramic view of the surrounding range of mountains.

View from Shanti Stupa We also visited Leh palace built by King Singge (I love my accounting and costing so much that I'm barely interested in history, you see!) Also, on first day, you are supposed to stay back at your hotel and take rest so as to acclimatize to lower oxygen levels. But, we were good to go within a few hours and visited these places and market on the first day itself.

Day 2:

This day was all about excursion around Leh.

Hemis Monastery, the richest monastery in terms of ancient remnants like the statue of Buddha made of copper, stupas made of gold and silver. Monks in here, belong to Drukpa lineage (a branch of Mahayana Buddhism).

Thiksey Monastery. Not to mention, both the monasteries are surrounded by picturesque scenery (as you must notice in the picture above).

Druk White Lotus School, popularly known as "Rancho's school" from the movie 3 idiots. Also, we visited Shey Palace and monastery. Almost every 200 meters you can find poster-perfect and stunning landscapes in Ladakh.

Day 3: We started for Nubra Valley via Khardungla Pass, the highest motorable road in the world. Excitement quotient was beyond hightened.

Initially, we started with gigantic brown rocky hills.

And as we proceeded.... (well, you have the picture :) )

Road near Khardungla Pass is slightly risky as some areas are prone to landslips but if driver of the vehicle is careful enough then AAL IZ WELL. Plus, it's seriously advised not to sleep in your vehicle, whether moving or stationary untill you drive down to atleast 13000 ft. (above sea level) because of low oxygen levels.

It usually takes 5-6 hours from Leh to Nubra Valley but it took us about 9-10 hours as our route was blocked due to unpredictable snowfall. When you're in Ladakh, you have to be mentally prepared for unanticipated weather-conditions and should be flexible enough to modify your trip accordingly. Just like our driver, Rigzin Achcho told us "Yaha ka mausam aur dilli ke drivers ka koi bharosa nahi!" :P

Snowfields near Khardungla pass.

Nubra Valley.

Kindly notice the fascinating contrast in the above 2 pictures (clicked both of them

within a span of 2 hours).

We stayed in tents in Nubra Valley; it was amusing!

Day 4: Visited Yarab Tso (tso= lake in ladakhi language), Panamik village, Nubra Valley. You will have to trek through a hill to reach Yarab tso.

We had to leave our car down there (on the other side of the sand passage).

Trek almost coming to the end; Yarab tso can be finally seen!! The lake was pristine and view was flawless. There was NOT even a single person there except us! And trust me, it never felt scary or lonely, we in fact, enjoyed the peace and seclusion.


Next, we went to sulphur-hot-spring in Panamik village. Authorities are developing medication facilities near the spring, given the healing essence of sulphur hot water.

Next, were the sand dunes of Nubra Valley. You can also enjoy camel (double-humped) rides here. Day 5 & 6: From Leh to Srinagar by road, a delicious expedition and stayed at Kargil for Day 5's night.

It's interesting to note, at this hill, even when you turn off your vehicle, it keeps moving on its own. Reason? Well, first visit and then find out (like I did).

Moon Land The soft craters and yellowish land resembles that of the moon. Quite enthralling!!

Sangam of Zanskar river and Doda river.

Beautiful sunset of Day 5.

Visited Vijaypath aka Kargil War Memorial in Drass, Kargil on Day 6's morning.

Sindhu River *shivers*

Road from Leh to Srinagar is well maintained by Border Road Organisation (BRO) except for a stretch of about 50 kms. which is highly prone to avalanche and road tends to become slippery due to snowfield-meltdown (look below)

Although, landslides and mudslides happened when we were travelling but no one was ever hurt as authorities used to block the route in doubtful situations and unblocked it only when it was safe enough to travel. Also, If the driver is vigilant enough, there is nothing to worry about. We saw Sonmarg as well on our way to Srinagar. You can also go for river-rafting there. At Srinagar, visited a couple of tourist places and then had to rush back to the airport (I have been to Srinagar earlier anyways).

Adios Srinagar!! And after such a spectacular, venturesome and life-enriching journey, we came back to Delhi (from -2 to 43 degree celcius) completely SAFE & SOUND! I still dream of those unique mountains and hilltops and have already started making plans for touring Leh-Ladakh again as I have missed some lakes and obviously, I just couldn't get enough of it in 1 trip!!

The mountains are calling and I must go!

And who would understand this sentiment of adventure better than a Chartered Accountancy student.

*Signing off*

Disha Varma

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