I am NLP master practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Excellence Installation Specialist and I have been trained by one of the best in the world, Antano & Harini, who are founders of Excellence Installation Technology.

I am an expert at identifying the underlying, not-so-obvious challenges that are really limiting the quality of people's lives and helping them get over them fast. These challenges might involve certain personal limitations in individuals, which may be some limiting emotional patterns, behaviors, beliefs and habits.

I have successfully worked on several emotional challenges (like depression, anxiety, panic attacks etc) and health challenges (like allergies, body aches, cervical etc) and unwanted behaviors and addictions and phobias. Also, I have helped people perform better in their careers or studies. 

In a nutshell, I make changes or adjustments in people that result in the desired outcome over a certain period of time.

Also, I am a CA and I believe that majority of the focus in our schools is academics, marks, scores, grades. While, very less than often, aspects like emotional mastery is taught to the students. A lot of teachers would ask their students to CONCENTRATE on the subject or studies but very few only know or can teach about HOW TO CONCENTRATE. This is where I want to intervene and work with children who are not able to perform despite of their efforts, who are considered slow-graspers or who find it hard to concentrate even when they try their best or have exam phobias or can’t speak in front of the entire class or who blank out while appearing for exams, etc. etc..

There are 3 pillars in my opinion, that heavily affect the child's education and eventually the career or the life the child's going to lead:

1. The child himself/herself and his/her personal traits and peers.

2. The parents

3. The teachers

I work at all the three levels, as a counsellor and a change agent to bring that much needed shift in the child's life by conducting talks for parents and then one-on-one sessions for their personal challenges with their children, in accordance with the school. Also, its equally important for the teachers to be in their best states of minds while dealing with children day in and out and that's exactly what I help them achieve, THE PEAK PERFORMANCE STATE.