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I had a medical condition, due to which I had boils on my skin for over a year or so and I was always in physical pain. Also, I was not sleeping properly not because of the pain but majorly because I wasn’t satisfied about how I was going about my life. A lot of dissatisfaction. And all this put together, totally affected how I behaved socially. I was cranky and edgy and I couldn't see other people’s side. That affected the quality of my relationships.

When Disha was working with me in December 2016, to be very honest, I was skeptical if this is going to work. After 4-5 months of the changework, I realized that it actually worked. I somehow got the confidence to get up and do things. I did things that were difficult, a lot difficult then. And things actually started getting better for me.

Changework experience with her was surprising.

Now, the pain is completely gone! Skin allergy is completely gone! I kept working out and exercising since my session with Disha and I am sleeping like a baby now. Am writing this testimonial after 1 year now and am about 20kgs lighter. I am not scared of weight issues now. My focus is not on subduing my pain anymore and I can focus on relationships and people in my life and career, better now.. Over the past one year, am healthier with no skin problem whatsoever, working out and sleeping well. Overall picture of my life has improved A LOT.

ARNAV ARYA, software engineer, deloitte

I had skin problem, boils for over a year or so and I was practically, 24x7 in pain!

Before Intervention
After Intervention

I was in work situation that really was not for me. My motivation was at an all-time low and I even started questioning whether I belonged to my existing career. That's when I decided to meet Disha. She is an excellent listener and communicator. Through her changework sessions, Disha helped me reconnect with my passion and gave me the tools and confidence to change careers. I was a totally different person in interviews now and overall too.

Thus, I achieved my dream job and I am more happy than ever.

Now am going to be working with the biggest hotel group and I will have international opportunities too.

Thank you Disha!

Komal Kukreja, Chartered Accountant, westin

I am a totally different person career-wise now!

I had problem in letting things go! I had this constant fear that people will move out of my life and what will I do without them. I was dependant on so many people for their opinions and I used to always bother about what they must be thinking all the time. And then I had a terrible breakdown. I could not think about anything else in my life, not my career, not my family. When I approached Disha, I was desperate to mend things but deep down I knew I won't be able to mend things.

Changework session helped me recover from the breakdown and move on.

Thankfully, I went to Disha, otherwise I would have been in a big mess. I felt so comfortable discussing my challenges with her.

Now, I don’t have hard feelings for anyone anymore. While writing this testimonial, I could not even remember my problem about which I was fretting insanely before.

Now, I could focus on my career better and I have learnt to give time to people. I don’t force people to stay in my life. I still don’t like it when people move out but now I don’t let that affect the quality of my life. I understand people come and go in your life.

If I had not gone for this session that day, it would have taken me ages to get over the breakdown.

Suhani nayyar, Chartered Accountant

Recovered from a major breakdown and that affected my career too, in the most amazing way!

There were certain things in me, I was not able to resolve. I had become a closed personality off late. I would interact with people but wouldn't let them know me. Obviously, that extended not just to my career but to my romantic relationships too.

After just one session with Disha, I felt light, I could let go of the feelings of hurt from my past relationship and that brought the much needed change in my life. Now, I am able to really connect with people and that has changed the shape of my career and my relationships.

Jasmeet Kaur

Got over the hurt and disappointment of my past relationship

For countless number of months, I had been suffering from a shoulder impingement, which created tension and stiffness at very specific points in my muscles in the scapula region. Any number of physiotherapy sessions didn't seem to provide permanent relief. Finally, the tension and stiffness at those specific points in the scapula region, went away, after having just one session with Disha. She worked on the underlying patterns which were the 'real' cause of pain in scapula.

The best thing I like about disha is that she is very dedicated to bring the results. She applies different methods to make sure that desired results are generated. I feel very thankful to her and wish her all the very best for her noble work. I am sure she'd continue to be a ray of hope in the lives of thousands of other people.

VAIBHAV ARORA, Chartered Accountant, Educationist

After countless number of months and visits to physiotherapists, I finally got relief here! 

Being anxious was like my second nature. I used to get worried and troubled by the most trivial things. Especially, while dealing with my family. I'd lose it in a moment and always felt that my son and daughter are not listening to me. Obviously, that was taking a toll on our family environment and my relationship with my son and daughter was being severely affected. They had distanced themselves.

After just one session with Disha, I felt so relaxed and calm in the situations that used to drain me previously.  And immediately I felt the difference in the response I was evoking from my children. Now, they were talking and I could also understand them better.

Swati, homemaker

I finally feel at peace and in control! And I am a better connected Parent now!

I was feeling extremely troubled. In class 11th I was badly bullied by a particular person so I was not able to connect with people; I always had this fear that I will be bullied. I was not able to open up to anyone and was not able to make friends. I used to feel heaviness and discomfort from my stomach to throat, always, for years.

After the changework session with Disha, I felt so relaxed and meditative.

Now, I don’t have throat problem anymore. There is no heaviness feeling and no hurt feelings. And now I also feel indifferent towards my school-bully. If I meet her I won't have any good or bad feelings for her. Overall, I feel better while interacting with people n I don’t have that constant fear of being bullied anymore.

If I had not taken this session, I would not have felt better ever. Now I meet people with better confidence and without overthinking that they are judging me.

Kriti Verma, ui & ux designer

I had been bullied since school and had trouble connecting with people. Also, I had this heaviness in my throat always.

I did not realise at all when I slipped into depression. To everyone, I was still a funny and humorous guy and I thought so about myself too. But my mother noticed something grave was going on with me. Recently, I had gotten attached to someone and it was very short lived. I did not realise it then how much it impacted me. I was deeply hurt and had this constant sinking feeling and anxiety, but I kept telling myself that I could easily get over with it. My mornings were the worst, extremely anxious. And that affected my work also, I started feeling performance pressure to and my relationship with my seniors was not any good.

One day, my mother called up Disha, seeking help for me, thank God she did. Disha called me for a session which was extremely intense for me. Earlier, I was filled and struggling with anxiety almost all the time which was affecting my health, my work, my family. And immediately after the session my anxiety was reduced to almost 5-10% and it went away completely in sometime. And my mother noticed these positive changes in me too, immediately! At work, my seniors are so much comfortable with me now and trust me with serious work responsibilities too. I have started enjoying the challenging cases at work instead of feeling pressured like before.

So when I grew in life, I had new set of challenges. so eventually my career had been going on okay but I wanted to do something even better for myself! I either wanted to go for further studies or I wanted to venture into new prospects of business idea that I had been having for a while. I was confused between the two and did not know what to pursue and ended up whiling away a lot of time, more than a year at least.

That's when I decided to go for Disha's changework session. And after the session, I could not believe I had been confused all this time. My thoughts were crystal clear and knew what to pursue. Now, I am researching more and meeting new people for my new career goals with so much thought clarity as to what I want with my life.

Abhishek mehrotra, chartered accountant

Did not even realise when I slipped into Depression. And when I finally got hold of my life, I was super confused about my career.

I have had this gastric problem for about 7 years. I would feel this burning sensation quite often and sometimes would have terrible acid refluxes too. I approached a really well known doctor, took his medicines and he changed them too, when I could not get any results. When any medicine worked, the relief was only temporary. I got some serious tests done including endoscopy to check if I had some serious underlying condition but nothing was ever diagnosed. I was almost fed up and taught myself to live with this problem.

Then one day, I booked a session with Disha, it went on for about an hour and half. It was an out of the world experience for me. And it turned out during the session, that I had this severe problem because of my occasional smoking habits ( I am not even a regular smoker). Thus, I committed to quit smoking forever and I have not had that gastric problem or the burning sensation since then till date, not even once.

SARTHAK AGGARWAL, Chartered accountant

I had told myself that this bad burning sensation in my stomach is a part of my life now and I have to live with it forever.

I was in a very weird and disturbing phase in my life when I turned to Disha for help! I had been go-getter all my life but this time, I was stuck in a very unhealthy relationship. It was an extremely toxic relationship for me but I wasn’t able to get out of it for my mental blockages and reasons I never understood and that was affecting my entire life poorly, including my career and friendships.

Disha intervened and helped me with her change-work skills. She was there whenever I needed her, be it at 3 am in the morning and if she wouldn’t have been there to help me clear my mental blockages, I would have been in a really messy situation! 

Today, I can concentrate on my career and soon will be going to Canada for further studies, my family, my friends without any stress!

I’m grateful for having met her!

Aditi Sharma

Got out of an extremely toxic relationship and could finally focus on my career and went on to study in Canada

I was having a mental hindrance that I was not able to learn, I was not able to grasp new things and was not able to focus at workplace. My productivity went for a toss and I felt drained out and super tired in mere 6 hours. I wasn’t exceeding expectations enough for good appraisal. I wasn’t taking any initiatives and I felt I didn’t understand new stuff. Also, I wanted to pursue CPA to enhance my career but I believed I wouldn't be able to do it. 

At first I used to tell myself that I can get over these challenges myself and I could not do it for so long. I delayed my sessions for some weeks until one day I realized okay am not able to change anything really!

Also, I figured at my workplace I was being extremely mediocre and my promotion would get delayed by at least 2 years, that's when I decided to go for the changework.

Changework experience with Disha was an eye opener. It is something I cannot express in words and I had never experienced anything like that ever before. I had no idea about my own potential.

At work now, I have taken up so many bigger projects that were not expected to be done by me. And that is going to pan out really well for my future according to the response from my seniors, I am getting now. In a recent team meeting, I got a great response that my work attitude is perfect and they can rely on me for ad hoc work also. All because, after the intervention, my productivity has gone really up! Whatever work I used to complete with mediocrity with about 50% productivity now it has gone up to 90% and I know I am on my way to become even better.

Also, am exploring CPA option too, finding details about it. I feel ready to take on challenges to stretch myself.

If I had not taken this session, after some time of leading my life the way I was, I would have definitely accepted mediocrity for myself in work context and would have stayed like that. And I would not have been happy, in fact I would have been depressed some years down the lane.

Karishma Aggarwal, US Taxation, Deloitte US

Got out of the vicious circle of mediocrity and discovered my immense potential that I was not aware of.

This severe nerve pain started hitting me during the peak seasons at office. It used to start from right hand thumb and index finger and shot up all the way to shoulder and neck. I had to work for long hours during the peak season but I just could not work. Within 4-5 hours of working, the pain would shoot up and I would have to go back home at such crucial time and rest. I went to doctors, took medicines for nerve blockages and still the nerve pain was there. I started relying on painkillers to not to feel the pain. Even when I lifted something heavy I felt that pain.

Also, I have had migraine since school. After years and years I got extremely tired of taking so many medicines and going to doctors.

After one changework session with Disha, the pain just disappeared. It doesn't hit anymore. And I have tested it during long hectic work hours or when am lifting things and result? No pain!!

Also, I haven’t had migraine pain as yet. And I don’t have to take anymore medicines, that’s liberating!

Karishma Aggarwal, US Taxation, Deloitte US

Severe nerve pain and migraine completely gone!

I had a minor palm fracture in December 2014. While my hand was in cast for 4 months and partial physio-therapy was done, still as a measure of protection, I was asked by the doctor to wear a “brace” due to my extensive use of computer. I had been wearing it for nearly 1.5-2 years until I met Disha. Within just one intense session, my brace was off. Never wore it since that day. While it may seem a bit silly to read this as if - yeah it was brace, he just took it off, he could have taken it off on his own”…. Well it wasn’t that simple for my reality. My reality was the belief that “I need to continue wearing it”. Thus, when Disha worked on me, that reality which seemed so true, just melted away, leaving me with a feeling of itch to take off the brace. The moment I did, it felt, just right, relaxed and free. Thank you Disha for waving your magic on me.

Also, for some reason I was experiencing heavy headedness and pains all over the body. When I shared the concern with Disha, I couldn’t of my own cognition help her figure out why I was experiencing that. Well she performed a process on me, which I now know as “Healer Within”. The process revealed that the pains etc would be eased if I, at that moment itself, went up n down the hotel stairs 4-5 times. Well, incredulous as it may sound, the moment I reached the topmost floor of the hotel, all my pains stopped, and like a smack from destiny, surprisingly I found myself standing in front of the hotel’s gym. I had always been reluctant to go to the gym or even take up any other health related activities like walking or jogging etc. However since that day, I have found myself enjoying evening walks often around my campus, and when I was in US for a short trip, I even hired a personal trainer there too, which I NEVER would have ever dreamt to do in my life. Am I a chiseled hunk like a Greek God now? Ha ha! No! But I feel fitter now.

Harsh Singhal, Coach

Within one session I got rid of the brace that I kept wearing in my hand for about 2 years even after my hand was healed. Also, I feel fitter now!

Disha is a trustworthy, gifted and a far-sighted individual with uncanny skill sets that can set you on the right path. Take this journey within and without, take a peek deep within yourself and resurface as a reenergized, rejuvenated and re-found individual. You get a very familial feeling of safety, comfort and warmth at the core of your heart, once you take this journey. She is in the true sense a catalyst that brings about those changes in you that MUST, nay, NEED, to happen, to ensure the quality of your life becomes as you dreamt it to be. Thank You Disha for being my Agent of Change within! More power to you!

Harsh Singhal, Coach

Thanks for being my Agent of Change within, Disha!

I had lost faith in myself completely; so much so that I started doubting everything. I used to have confidence in my intelligence earlier but because of the continuous unresourceful criticism at previous workplace, my confidence was completely gone. And to add to it, when it came to men in my life, I was making back to back terrible choices.

My life was a 2/10. I was so depressed. I had become irritable and I was snapping around at people. I tried dealing with it, on my own. I tried being strong and all but I figured this was out of my control. I went to Disha just out of curiosity whether it would help me or not.

My changework session was an eye opening experience. Immediately, I felt lighter. I was carrying a lot of baggage, I realised.

We know, in theory, that we have to filter crap that other people say to us but sometimes we need something extra to actually do just that. The  intervention with Disha, really helped. After that when my ex boss said extremely unacceptable things I didn’t let it affect me anymore.

It was an experience that I haven’t had before. I have left my old company and I am working with  one of the best firms in India. My life is a solid 10.

I have faith in myself now and I recognize that I am a very valuable resource. I know my work and I love mywork. That strong state of mind, passion and energy has come back. In personal life, am not making bad decisions anymore. In fact, I am doing things for myself now, like getting my zumba certification soon and I have also signed up to learn horse riding. So there is so much more to my life basically. I am travelling too.

Generally in life, I have become confident. I don’t take shit from people anymore. I have learnt how to filter the non sense out. I just take constructive criticism.

Thanks to Disha can't emphasize enough how much she helped!

Saumya Sharma, Lawyer

My life was a 2/10. I was so depressed. And now, after Disha's intervention, my life is a solid 10.

I have known Disha Varma for more than one year now. If someone has shown me the possibilities of achieving the maximum out of Neuro linguistic programming, that is her. Before, I was finding answers of my health problems in the medical world for anxiety related problems but she made me realize that change has to come from within. She guided me with NLP patterns whenever and wherever necessary making me better and better in many aspects of life where I fell short, due to lack of confidence. Also, she made me understand if you are not happy you can’t keep others happy. And she made me discover what makes me happy, so I was getting better everyday, health too, but primarily, ME as a person. 

I realize Disha has changed me a lot for the better.

Karan Taneja, Businessman

I became better and better in many aspects of my life and discovered what makes me happy.

Due to certain stressful situations in life, I had started smoking. Although, I did not want to smoke but that made me feel calm when I was stressed. After smoking I used to have huge guilty pangs because not only smoking was bad for my lungs but I knew that my family would disapprove of it. So I was keeping it as a secret from them and that was killing me everytime I used to smoke.

And after Disha's intervention, I could handle my stressful situations way better. Also, my urge to smoke died. Now, it has been several months and I haven't been smoking, although I do take a drag or 2 with my friends once in a blue moon but I am not smoking out of habit at all! Also, I feel so light and free of burden or stress and guilt that used to cloud my mind all the time before.

SHRIYA, sr lawyer

I dont smoke anymore!

I was working with that person with whom I have had a past. N I wasn’t over it and it was affecting my work and productivity. I did not realize initially that I was not over that person.I thought I had gotten over and forgotten that person. But during the session I realized how much I was still stuck with my past memories. After session, I don’t remember those memories anymore, even when I sit and try to think and recall, I can't remember anything. Now when I have to work with him. It doesn’t bother me anymore.

At first I used to tell myself that I can get over these challenges myself and I could not do it for so long. I delayed my sessions for some weeks until one day I realized okay am not able to change anything really!

I want to tell people I spent 2 years thinking that I can deal with it on my own and after session finally I got those results in like 2-3 hours, which is incredible and I saved myself from a bad future too!

NAINA, finance professional

I was still not over my past relationship and it'd been 2 years already!

I have learnt how to deal with the most difficult situations in life. Disha has this gift of bringing the results so easily and at times pointing out the most obvious solutions that I did not pay attention to, at all.

I was so depressed and disheartened that I wanted to end my life, commit suicide. But Disha's intervention saved me, in fact, transformed me!

She was not at all judgemental of my situation and circumstances and spent time with me without any limit.

Now, I am a confident woman, progressing in my career.

Megha Srivastav

All I know is Disha is the one-point-solution to all my problems.

I never knew that just one session with Disha would leave such an impact! I am immensely grateful to her for paying attention to every minute detail of my challenge. I was struggling big time with my career and did not have clarity.

The session made me accept the things that I had no courage to admit. It changed my outlook on some important issues of life.

After the session, I could actually feel the heavy weight (which had been there in my heart for a longtime) being lifted. I felt free and could see things clearly and I made some important decisions about my career. I have enrolled myself in 2 courses already and want to learn even more. Disha's intervention has made my dull and monotonous life into the meaningful one. I have developed the thirst to learn and explore new fields.

Product Manager

I have developed the thirst to learn and explore new fields.