How much is your bad relationship or bad family equation costing you?

Are you aware that unattended bad relationships or family equations are going to impact your career and health negatively, too? How long are you going to wait and how much are you going to suffer, before fixing your relationship or family equation?

Join the Transformation Program Retreat to bring the much needed shift in yourself that will set you on the path to the next level with your people.

How is next level achieved in Transformation Programs?

These programs are designed in raw nature because spending time in nature stimulates the brain and improves cognitive function. Also, the retreat is loaded with new or different experiences and activities that push people beyond their current comfort bubble and tread them in the direction of new possibilities.

The most important aspect, changework sessions, at a personal level for targeted results in that person's life.

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Benefits of

Kutumb Transformation Program:

  • Better relationships and family equation

  • Better emotional quotient

  • Better rapport

  • Better health when the person feels satisfied in personal life

  • Better understanding of human behaviourism

  • Improved capability to connect with others while connecting with nature.

  • Better social comfort and improved self-esteem

  • Better concentration and focus in other aspects of life too, like career.

Recovered from a major breakdown and that affected my career too, in the most amazing way!

Suhani nayyar, Chartered Accountant

I had problem in letting things go! I had this constant fear that people will move out of my life and what will I do without them. I was dependant on so many people for their opinions and I used to always bother about what they must be thinking all the time. And then I had a terrible breakdown. I could not think about anything else in my life, not my career, not my family. When I approached Disha, I was desperate to mend things but deep down I knew I won't be able to mend things.

Changework session helped me recover from the breakdown and move on.

Thankfully, I went to Disha, otherwise I would have been in a big mess. I felt so comfortable discussing my challenges with her.

Now, I don’t have hard feelings for anyone anymore. While writing this testimonial, I could not even remember my problem about which I was fretting insanely before.

Now, I could focus on my career better and I have learnt to give time to people. I don’t force people to stay in my life. I still don’t like it when people move out but now I don’t let that affect the quality of my life. I understand people come and go in your life.

If I had not gone for this session that day, it would have taken me ages to get over the breakdown.

Got over the hurt and disappointment of my past relationship

Jasmeet Kaur

There were certain things in me, I was not able to resolve. I had become a closed personality off late. I would interact with people but wouldn't let them know me. Obviously, that extended not just to my career but to my romantic relationships too.

After just one session with Disha, I felt light, I could let go of the feelings of hurt from my past relationship and that brought the much needed change in my life. Now, I am able to really connect with people and that has changed the shape of my career and my relationships.

I finally feel at peace and in control! And I am a better connected Parent now!

Swati, homemaker

Being anxious was like my second nature. I used to get worried and troubled by the most trivial things. Especially, while dealing with my family. I'd lose it in a moment and always felt that my son and daughter are not listening to me. Obviously, that was taking a toll on our family environment and my relationship with my son and daughter was being severely affected. They had distanced themselves.

After just one session with Disha, I felt so relaxed and calm in the situations that used to drain me previously.  And immediately I felt the difference in the response I was evoking from my children. Now, they were talking and I could also understand them better.

Got out of an extremely toxic relationship and could finally focus on my career and went on to study in Canada

Aditi Sharma

I was in a very weird and disturbing phase in my life when I turned to Disha for help! I had been go-getter all my life but this time, I was stuck in a very unhealthy relationship. It was an extremely toxic relationship for me but I wasn’t able to get out of it for my mental blockages and reasons I never understood and that was affecting my entire life poorly, including my career and friendships.

Disha intervened and helped me with her change-work skills. She was there whenever I needed her, be it at 3 am in the morning and if she wouldn’t have been there to help me clear my mental blockages, I would have been in a really messy situation! 

Today, I can concentrate on my career and soon will be going to Canada for further studies, my family, my friends without any stress!

I’m grateful for having met her!

I was hung over my past relationship even when I thought I was over it!

NAINA, finance professional

I was working with that person with whom I have had a past. N I wasn’t over it and it was affecting my work and productivity. I did not realize initially that I was not over that person.I thought I had gotten over and forgotten that person. But during the session I realized how much I was still stuck with my past memories. After session, I don’t remember those memories anymore, even when I sit and try to think and recall, I can't remember anything. Now when I have to work with him. It doesn’t bother me anymore.

At first I used to tell myself that I can get over these challenges myself and I could not do it for so long. I delayed my sessions for some weeks until one day I realized okay am not able to change anything really!

I want to tell people I spent 2 years thinking that I can deal with it on my own and after session finally I got those results in like 2-3 hours, which is incredible and I saved myself from a bad future too!