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Kutumb is a giant umbrella wherein we transform lives and various aspects like career, relationships, mind and spirit, using different tools, different strategies in many different ways with the sole target of harmonising the change and bringing people together. Connecting them with themselves, with their families and with others. And we make sure we do that in the most fun way and the least time possible.

We, at Kutumb, believe that happiness or fulfillment in life is achieved when three broad aspects of life, function harmoniously; excellent relationships with family & friends, uphill career graph and strong and robust health.

And we make it all happen for you..!

The founders of Kutumb have immersed themselves into understanding patterns of human behavior. They are experts at shifting unconscious patterns that create the results they experience in their lives. They are experts at helping evolve human beings fast. They have worked on medical limitations as well as have worked with people to evolve their capabilities of connecting with other people. Their skill set, their intuitions, for noticing patterns that need to change, for individuals and their relationships to evolve, is what sets them apart from any other organisation in the world.

Our vision is the 'ecosystem of growth & learning' that is filled with life and vigour and ofcourse, happiness!

About Disha Varma

Disha, a Chartered Accountant by profession, is a world-class change expert, an agent of harmony, NLP Master Practitioner and Excellence Installation Specialist. She has even worked on challenging Medical Limitations for which doctors' therapies and medicines were not effective.

She is the founder of Kutumb, an organisation that aims to help people through various channels either by taking their relationships to another level by fixing personal limitations of individuals or by elevating their mind and spirit or by accelerating people's performances in their careers or by counselling students, enabling them to set their own paths. She is an expert at identifying the underlying, not-so-obvious challenges that are really limiting the quality of people's lives and helping them get over them fast. These challenges might involve certain personal limitations in individuals, which may be some limiting emotional patterns, behaviours, beliefs and habits. With her incredible skills, she is able to leverage permanent, lasting changes in individuals usually within 2/3 sessions which allow their relationships to blossom, improve and grow by themselves. Such incredible skills in making permanent changes in unconscious, innate patterns of individuals, that lead to a transformed relationship... such skills are rare!



Personal consultation with Disha Varma to take the quality of your life to the next level.




Highly customized residential programme of 3 days packed with amazing experiences and life-changing sessions.

School Counselling and workshops

Helping students with their emotional and performance challenges to uplift their learning and growth.

Travel Therapy

Retreats to exotic locales that are designed for people to re-discover themselves.


Penning the thoughts and learnings!



After one session, I got rid of my skin allergy and also got coached on weight loss by Disha. Now am 20 kgs lighter!

Arnav Arya, Deloitte US


I was so depressed and disheartened that I was considering suicide. But after only one session with Disha, my life transformed.


“After only one session with Disha, I could actually feel the heavy weight (which had been there in my heart) being lifted. It has turned my dull and monotonous life into the meaningful one."

Jigyasa Aggarwal, Teacher

Megha Srivastava, Educationist